Los Iros – remote but not distant

los iros Beach

Los Iros translated from Spanish means “The Rock” is a remote village located at southern Trinidad.

Located on the Southern Coast of Trinidad between Erin and Taparo.

Los Iros is a place where nature and industry exist side by side.

los iros Beach

Past Spanish settlers had large acreage, with cocoa and citrus, the Government then claimed these lands as they had no deeds for them which is now know as Huggins Estate.

As Los Iros is an agricultural district, most seek jobs in animal husbandry and planting crops.

Erin Farms, a local farm and factory that produces pork and chicken products, is one of the largest employers.

Los Iros also produces fishermen; the main fishing depot is in Erin, and not Los Iros beach.

The villages seem friendly and easy to talk to, and greet you with warm smiles.

los iros Beach

Los Iros Bay

The bay of Los Iros is a prime beach for excursions with calm waters.

A poplar destination during the July/August holidays, where fun in the sun continues unabated.

It can be described as an open beach, backed by a cliffed coast.

The journey will take you almost two hours drive from Port of Spain, which all depends on the route you take.

los iros Beach

With a beachfront and lifeguards keeping watch over the beach, it’s a good spot for a family outing.

This beach is not one of the preferred destinations because of the color of the water.

It is brown in color compared to the some emerald green to turquoise waters of the north coast.

It also seems to be a popular spot for Hindu prays, as can be seen by washed up flowers and flags planted all along the beach.

los iros Beach

There is a walkway out into the sea made out of rocks where you can get a view of the bay itself in its natural beauty.

Not much otherwise to see, but it’s a great spot to stop of if you are on a road trip alone the SS Erin Road.

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