Petite Tacaribe – Hidden Getaway

Petit Tacarib

Petite Tacaribe

Petite Tacaribe is secluded beach where you are away from everything yet missing nothing.

There are three small wooden cabanas equipped with 3 single beds each and perched atop the cliff overlooking the majestic Caribbean Sea.

Equipped with toilet and shower facilities, and a kitchen area where the locals host, and always create some magical country pots.

Petit Tacarib

Here you can enjoy time lounging in the hammock, playing on the beach or hiking to other nearby destinations.  (Gran Tacaribe, Madamas etc)

Boat access can also be arranged from Blanchisseuse and when the sea is nice, you are dropped off and picked up right on the beach itself.

This area of the North Coast is great for seeing Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtles during their laying season.

It’s the perfect place for a weekend camp out.

The Hike

The hike to this destination starts at the spring bridge in Blanchiesseuse, with an eight-kilometer hike to Paria Bay being the first stop.

Paria is famous for it’s waterfall and river, which is beautiful and clean.

It is also home to cathedral rock and the bay is famous for its white sand and blue water


At paria you will cross the river at the end of the bay and take the trail at the side of the wooden house.

The journey will then be an additional six kilometers across some beautiful bays.


At multiple points you will have to come down to the beach and you will have to cross some hills to get from shore to shore.

After which you will head back onto the trail, crossing multiple hills and some tributaries until reaching the final destination.

This trek may take the average person three to five hours respective to you fitness level.


It is not one for the faint hearted, or those afraid of heights.

Make sure to prepare properly, with adequate water, proper shoes and enough nutrients to last you the trip.

Google map showing trail and location.

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