Balata waterfall- Cold and Beautiful

Morang River

Maracas Valley is filled with hidden treasures, which I’m yet to explore.

There we have the a lot of tributaries that contribute to the St Joseph River, and some with waterfalls and pools to amazing not to visit.

Maracas Valley Waterfall

One of the famous spots found in the valley, and Trinidad.

It’s well worth heading deep into Maracas–St Joseph Valley to see the Maracas Valley Waterfall, which crashes magnificently down 91m of sheer rock.

Making it Trinidad’s highest waterfall.

Unfortunately, this fall has no pool at the base, because the falls does not generate enough hydraulic pressure to form a basin due to the high altitude.

However, the water forms a shower-like spray that is excellent for a cool down on a hot day.

Morang River

Balata waterfalls

Which runs down hill possibly connection from the same streams as the waterfall above, is a delight for nature lovers.

It seems it has many point to be accessed with different pools and waterfalls.

These easiest of which can be accessed from the same trail as the maracas waterfall.

It will take you about tem minutes from the sign as you enter the area with the concrete benches to get there.

As soon as you pass this little liming area, and you are about three minutes on the hill, there is a trail on the right.

This trail takes you off the wide track onto a path heading down hill for another three to five minutes.

You will then be presented with the most beautiful tiered water-steps that run off into a bigger water waterfall.

Morang River

There is a number of Jacuzzi like pools with bubbles and another four feet deep pool for swimming.

You can also climb up the rocky waterfall using the rope to another pool at the top.

The water is cold, clean and clear, the area is also under a canopy of trees so it is cool.

You will only get direct sunlight coming in with the sun is at it’s highest.

A pretty great spot for a fun evening, with a short walk and is easy to get to.

Google map showing trail and location.

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