Quare River – Restricted Beauty

Quare River

The Quare River supplies water to the Hollis Reservoir which is nestled in the heart of the northern range

Hollis Reservoir

Located in Valencia – East Trinidad – nestled among the foothills of the northern range appearing as a sea among the hills.

First commissioned in 1936, Hollis is the oldest of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago. It was built under the authorization of Sir Claude Hollis, a past Governor of Trinidad and Tobago, from whom it got its name.
The reservoir was constructed by damming the Quare River, which enters the reservoir in a majestic split series of waterfalls that constantly replenish the lake from which an unfailing supply is drawn.

More info about Hollis can be found here.

Quare River

Quare River

Flows from the Hollis Reservoir is absolutely magical forming emerald plunge pools and cool cascading waterfalls.

Seems to be a popular liming location, although it is restricted area, blocked off by WASA.

The road is blocked off by a gate and security guard, so only authorized vehicles can enter.

Talking to the guard he explained, we ca go forward but if anything happens to us WASA is not responsible.

Stating that our journey then began after securing our vehicles on the road side before the gate.


We then took a track around which led us around the gate back onto the road, where we walked for about five minutes before coming to first of or many popular spots along the river.

A man-made structure, which seemed to be frequented by locals and visitors, due to the state of the surroundings.

At the bottom of this structure the water flows into a brilliant pool, deep enough for jumping and swimming around.

But our explorations took us up the river, wading through the slippery rocks and ice-cold water.

Quare River


Didn’t take more than about ten minutes for us to arrive at another brilliant cascading pool.

Another popular spot on the river, as we met a group relaxing making a cook at the river side.

Turquoise colored, crystal clear water pool below a slippery rock slide maybe ten to fifteen feet in depth.

From here it would take another ten minutes to get to a third spot which another lovely place for chilling.

Big pool with clean clear waters and place on the side to sit and relax.

Another five minutes and we came up to a fourth pool, where we relaxed a bit before coming out the river.

Quare River

This last pool, some places about eight plus feet in depth, is situated at the bottom of some rock.

Perfectly placed for diving or jumping into the pool below.

All these pools could be accessed by walking along the road and using the respective tracks down to them.

Contrary to the gate and security, the river seemed to be very active and popular.

As by later in the evening it was populated by every pool, with groups of persons liming and walking along the road.



But as always like most popular spots in Trinidad, the river beds where littered with trash.

I do wish people will start cleaning up after themselves and preserve these natural beauties and nature.

Overall a very easy and enjoyable location.


Google map showing trail and location.

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