Covigne River Gorge – Tucker Valley

Covigne River

Covigne Gorges

This hidden gem located deep in the Tucker Valley in Chagaramas.

Thirty plus feet tall rock walls, carved out of the mountain rock by a branch of the Cuesa River.

This Covigne river winds through the reminds of an old cocoa and nutmeg plantation.

A popular hiking destination, as it is easy to get to and short.

Hiking Trail

The trip to the gorge can take just about an hour and starts from the road heading to the Arboretum passed the CDA Head Quarters.

The walk will take you pass the Arboretum through the canopy of trees.

Covigne River Gorges

Keep left on the road you take the trail on your left just before the nutmeg where the old bunkers are.

If you go right and climb the hill it will take you under the canopy of nutmeg trees and to a small waterfall.

Following the path left will take you to the river, once on the river you walk upstream alone the Rocky River bed, through the tall trees.

Covigne RIver

The scenery is perfect for taking some scenic pictures as the sunlight peaks through the canopy above and reflects of the wet rocks.

Covigne River Gorges

As you go further up the river you will pass through some shallow pools of clean clear water.

Then you will get to the fun part, where you can climb into and walk through the gorge.

Covigne River Gorges

The water makes its way through the rocky hill, leaving a thirty plus feet gorge cut out in the hill-side.

One can only  imagine the power of Mother Nature and the powerful force and destruction of a flowing river.

As you reach the end of the gorge and bend the corner you will hear what  is a waterfall and plunge pool.

Following the river on using the path on the right, you will have to climb across some falling trees which least through another gorge.

Here you will have to use a rope to climb up the slippery gorge of flowing water, which will take you up to a very nice plunge pool.

Covigne River

The pool is small but deep being about five feet as you enter to possible ten feet in the middle.

Possibly it may hold fifteen people comfortable.

You can also venture further up the across the pool and climb up the narrow gorge, to find some smaller pools.

You can even take a short slide down the water path into the big pool.

The water is clear and like ever other river cold. due to the rocky soil below the water stays clean even if you walk around.

In dry season the water level is reasonably low, but still high enough to make it an enjoyable adventure.

An easy walk to a perfect destination or a small crew.

Google map showing trail and location.

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