Morang River – El Luengo

Morang River

St Joesph Maracas valley is filled with may rivers, one of which is the Morang river.

Nestled beneath El Tucuche in the Village of El Luengo and cover by lush green forest.

It is frequented by locals and those who know it exist as it provides a perfect location for liming.

This river is one of the main water sources for the village, there is a pipeline that runs from the mountain side to supply the fresh drinking water.

The journey to the plunge pool at Morang river begins at the end of San Pedro Rd in Lluengo, the street right after the basketball court.

At the end of the street you can park at the side of the road anywhere around the wasa pump.

Morang River
Morang River

Morang Trek

The walk will take you approximately fifteen minutes, it is an easy walk and you just need to follow the pipeline.

The trail is undulating, cover by the canopy of the forest, and it crosses the river multiple times before reaching your destination.

You will pass some smaller pools as you walk the trail, or even notice cocoa tress and Tonka bean trees.

When you reach by the pool you will see a shed setup by locals on the right and the pool right in front of you.

Morang River
Morang River

The Pool

You can use the stones around the pool for sitting and hanging out, or just resting your stuff while you tackle the cold water.

This pool is shallow for some a few feet then it gets deep, but it’s a short distance to swim to the other side.

At the other side you can proceed to climb the rocks and jump off into the pool below.

It is a great spot for cooling off on a hot day and washing the troubles away.

There are also pools further up the river if you like to explore but not as big and beautiful as the one spoken off.

It is advisable like any other spot to try and keep it clean, please take you garbage back with you and keep the area clean for others to come.

Google map showing trail and location.