Marakeet Bay – Maraqueet


Marakeet Bay

Currently seeing two different spelling but Marakeet or Maraqueet however it is spelt seems to be another popular secluded destination.

On the way to maracas opposite the Hummingbird Campground and Ecolodge, there is a road that leads to a little village known as Marakeet.

The village is situated at the top of a ridge with some awesome views, on one side there is Maracas Bay.

On the other side Balata Bay a remote secluded collection of beaches.

This area is open and a great place to get photos of maracas beach below.


Hiking to the Bay

Talking to one of the villages he mentioned that the beach goes by another name, but he couldn’t remember it at the time.

The trek itself starts from the north coast road.

Where you will venture onto the dirt road for about ten to fifteen minutes on an incline.

This will then take you down passed the house after the cell tower  where the trail begins at the mango field.

Here you will find a variety of mango, according to the time of the year you pass.

Passing through the field the trails takes you through some bushes, passed a garden overlooking balata bay and into the lush forest.


The trail isn’t that hard either way as it is a mixture of up and down hill, so you get time to recover while on the move.

There is alot of razor grass so long pants and sleeves, possible gloves is recommended.

One the halfway point you have the longest decline, that takes you down to a camp site, here you make a left and you should start seeing the beach.

Once you cross the little stream you can climb down the other side and down onto the rock to access the bay.

This trek may take you approximately forty-five minutes to an hour to reach the bay and is rated as a four.


The Beach

At the point where you come down, there is a rock separating the beach into two, you simply walk through the water to the other side where there is more sand.

This is one of those beaches that can be added to my favourite list.

It a mixture of rocks and sand and the water is clear and clean.

The beach is shelter, so there is shade, a nice place to sit and just relax.

It is also a popular spot for snorkeling as the rocks and corals provide a great location for fishes and other sea inhabitants to frolic.


There is also the attraction for fishing and spear fishing, the place is very scenic and calming.

Another great location to add to your list of hiking locations in Trinidad.

The trek back to the top may be a bit of a challenge as it starts with hills, but nevertheless it’s a short trek about one point five miles either way.

Like every other location it’s recommended that we leave it as we met it, if possible, help clean our environment also.

Google map showing trail and location.