Marac Beach – Beauty in the Middle

Marac Beach

Marac Village

There is a little village found between Morne Diablo to the west and Moruga to the east known as Marac.

A simple little village smack in the middle of south Trinidad’s coastline and a road trip delight.

It is a fifteen-minute drive from the Moruga police station, along a paved narrow undulating road lining the coast with some excellent views of the ocean.


This village is accessible via La Lune road, which is given its name from the village to the west of Moruga know as La Lune Village.

Marac is situated literally at the end of the road, as you can’t drive further west.

Marac Beach

The village has a number of potential tourist attractions which includes a Mud volcano, Pitch Lake, Rock Quarry and the remains of American Radar equipment that was installed during World War 2 to detect enemy vessels entering the Columbus Channel.

There are two principal roads that run through the village, La Lune Main Road and Moreau Road, which connects Marac to Penal Rock Road; however, the Moreau Road is in bad condition.

One villager said it is possible 4×4 would make it through, but he doesn’t recommend it.


Marac Beach
Marac Beach

Marac Beach

Marac is an extremely small village and at the centre of the village which is the intersection of La Luna Main Road and Moreau Road is the London Baptist Primary School and a small parlour.

Turning left (south) at the intersection leads to Marac Beach.

This road passes through some houses and then some gardens across a hill and then decent to meet the coast.

Before you decent you will see a turning point, I suggest if your handbrake is not functioning properly turn and park there.


The beach is a lovely little cove, with a small river at the rear of the beach.

The road to the beach ends just above the beach and it is possible to park along the sides of the road although on an incline.

Marac Beach
Marac Beach

There are no buildings or facilities in the immediate area around the beach, so it is a truly secluded setting.

Bathing is possible at this beach but best done at low tide, when the sand and rocks are exposed.


At low tide you also have access to walk down the beach and along the hillside on the rocky terrain.

You will see the result of the extensive erosion on the shoreline, and also be able to take some really nice pictures.

Marac Beach
Marac Beach

The water is the usual south brown in colour, and the area is mostly shallow.

You have to walk a little way out to really get some deep areas to  bathe.

A really nice place to just hang out in the shade and enjoy the ambience with friends and family.

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