Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum – Sweet History

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

Moruga, is a small fishing village on the south side of Trinidad, filled with attractions for people who like site seeing.

You can read more about Moruga in one of my later blog post here.


Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

On the out skirts of the village or town, located on Rock River Hill is the recently opened

Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

In 2018 the Museum Founded by the Merikin Prince of Moruga Eric Lewis was official opened.


This museum showcases and preserves the rich cocoa and coffee Ancient history of Moruga.

The Museum is situated on  a huge historical area, consisting of  barracks, the horse stables, a water cistern, the cocoa and coffee factory and the manager’s quarters.

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.
Laundry station, Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

There is also natural elements such as a mud volcano, pitch pools, volcanic cones, a sulphur spring and a well all on this same property.

There are many artifacts on the property, which lend to its historical value.

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.
Saddle Collection at Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

Such as archival documents from the Cocoa board, hundreds of books of cocoa history and cocoa abstracts around the country.

There is also artifacts dating back to the 1800’s such as a horse saddle collection, the plantation collection, the servants collection, the masters collection and maps and cadastral from then coming straight forward.

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.
Assemble Hall at Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

You can stop by and visit the museum, have a walk through, with one of the personnel.

Here you will see the old houses used to dry the cocoa, the wells and alkaline spring, and sit and relax under the cool area at the mess hall.

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.
House used to dry cocoa at Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

Merikin Prince of Moruga

On our visit we had a sit down with prince himself, and he explained to us about his tours.

He explained he is a prince because his ancestor was a Merikin Queen, his cousins is also the oldest living chief.

He believes it is important for TT’s culture and history to be preserved.

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.
Art work at Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

The property belongs to him but he does not intend to keep it private.

Currently they are doing upgrades to the area, but preserving the natural history.


He also explained that he takes tours with at least 10 persons.

At these tours, they bring the area to life back in the 1800, with outfits and cocoa dancing and music.

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.
Alkaline pool at Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

You can have bread made with the mud ovens and cocoa tea produces right at the factory.

The experience will make you part of the history itself, with hand maidens and labourers.

Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.
Unprepared Mud Oven at Moruga Cocoa Chocolate Museum.

The museum plays a pivotal role in our country’s history and it will be worth the while to pay them a visit.

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  1. I’m into horse riding but have never been interested in history. Didn’t realize how interesting this topic could be! I must say that I’m a little surprised by it.

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