Balata Bay – a gem in the rough

Balata Bay

Balata Bay

Yet another wonderful secluded gem along the North Coast, is the beach known as Balata Bay.

It was given its name because of all the tall balata trees that grow on the hillside.

A lovely beach hidden from the general public, with white sand and blue waters, accessible only by boat and foot.


The trail starts on the north coast road possibly a mile passed the look-out heading to maracas.

The landmarks to look for is a red and white directional sign and the big mango tree on a right corner.

Balata Bay
Balata Bay


The trail begins at the mango tree with the rope swing, where you start your decent, passed the house just below the top of the hill.

The way down is steep, and the hill side is soft and slippery, so proper shoes and care on the hill is needed.


It will take approximately thirty to forty minutes maneuvering down the hill, assisted by rope in some areas.

The trail is not maintained, so it could get a little challenging at some points.

The trek down the hill takes you through some the forest, and as you almost reach the bay, you will notice a lovely view of a cove to the left below.

Balata Bay
Balata Bay

This you can accessed either directly from the trail or alternatively by sea, the small cove is shady and could accommodate about ten persons comfortably.

The bay on the other side is accessible on the right and by using the rope down the steep incline to the beach.

Balata Bay
Balata Bay


At low tide the beach is just beautiful, with its white sand exposed to the sun.

You can take a walk down the beach around the rocks, crossing multiple dry coves.

At the end there is the perfect place to hang out.

A nice spot shaded under a huge almond tree, place to sit or take a nap for the return journey.


There is also a huge rock that you can climb to get an elevated view of the whole bay.

A brilliant spot for those awesome selfies.


Google map showing trail and location.