Paradise Bay – Rocky Escape

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay

The Paria main road to Matelot is filled with a number of secluded beaches, one of which is Paradise Bay.

This bay in particular is found between Grande Riviere and Matelot Just before Shark River more on the Grande Riviere side.

Grande Riviere is a village on the north coast of Trinidad located between Toco and Matelot.

The area was originally settled by immigrants from Venezuela and Tobago who cultivated cacao and subsistence crops.

After falling cocoa prices in the 1920s and expanding pest problems caused the collapse of the cocoa industry, Grande Riviere went into a decline which continued until the development of ecotourism. Between 1931 and 2000 the population of Grande Riviere fell from 718 to 334.

Grande Riviere is one of the more remote settlement in Trinidad and Tobago.

It is 60 kilometres from Sangre Grande and 100 km from the capital Port of Spain. It is accessible via a single paved road which runs from Toco to its east and is separated from the rest of the island by the hills of the Northern Range.

This village is also famous for turtle and bird watching, with accommodations for tourist and locals alike.

Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay

The Hike

Paradise Bay or some will call it Homard Bay is a five to ten-minute drive passed the village heading to shark river.

The trail begins at the Homard Bay road on the right side of the road.

There is a sign up, but it is barley visible due to the lush vegetation.

The trek is a short and easy one downhill.

Following the trail, you will meet a junction, you can go either way to reach the bay below at different locations.

Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay

Heading left will take you to a river, the river by itself is a nice enough to enjoy a little cool down.

You can then follow the river down into the bay, this journey should take about ten minutes for fitter persons.

Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay

The Bay

This secluded bay is littered with rocks, you can walk across the rock to access the beach.

The beach like most secluded beaches is clean with turquoise waters.

If you are lucky and the tide is right, and the sea is calm you make or a great spot to spend the day.

A wonderful shaded spot for camping out or just having a fun day.

Google map showing trail and location.