Canoe Bay – Beach Resort

Canoe Bay

Canoe Bay

Canoe bay is a privately-owned well-maintained beach just about four kilometers of Crown Point.

It is approximately ten to fifteen-minute drive from store bay or pigeon point.

The Resort, which is built on the bay, gives you access to the secluded private beach.


Apartments for rent are available, equipped with air-conditioning, cable programming, wireless internet access housekeeping, and other amenities.

Relax in the outdoor pool or enjoy the ocean view from the outdoor garden, while chilling under one of the wooden sheds

Canoe Bay
Canoe Bay

You can enjoy dining or drinks at the bar/lounge while taking in the brilliant sunset.

This resort is the perfect couples getaway or event destination, with a spectacular garden and well-maintained lawn.

Canoe Bay
Canoe Bay

The Bay

The setup at the bay is perfect for a wedding under the gazebo, places perfectly overlooking the water.

There are outdoor facilities and a shaded area under the massive tree in the center of the space and enough parking to hold an event.


The bay, however, is accessible to anyone, for a fee, patrons can approach the receptionist during the day and pay to access the facility.

The beach is a shallow one from what the receptionist explained, good for family outings, and perfect for a picnic.

Canoe Bay
Canoe Bay

The view of the bay is amazing, and it is pretty windy, so it is cool even in the sun.

It is a brilliant place to watch the sunset or get those amazing photos overlooking the bay on the rocks.

Obviously, I didn’t stay overnight so I can’t talk about the experience or customer service.

Overall, a facility with much potential and a perfect location for a private gathering.

Google map showing trail and location.

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