Fort Granby – British Hero

Fort Granby

Fort Granby History

Built around 1765 to protect the short-lived first capital Georgetown, Fort Granby is the second oldest fort on the island, and the first British fortification.

It was named after a British hero of the Seven Year War, and the British held a sizable Post of Arms there. This fort is located on the headland flanked by both Barbados and Pinfold Bay.


In March 1976, two old ships of war were moored in the Barbados Bay and served there as hulks of the temporary accommodation of various officials and some of the prospective settlers.

Because of the slow growth of George Town and the continuing absence of substantial Buildings those ships remained in use until we into 1767.

On Sunday 13th April 1766, a church service was performed for the first time at Fort Granby; officiated by a subaltern officer, it involved the reading of a sermon of Tolloston.

This for soon fell into ruin as the capital was moved to Scarborough.


The French took over the fort from 1781 to 1787, during their occupation of Tobago, after which it was abandoned.

Becoming overgrown with trees and brushwood, the only testament to earlier activity lies in a black marble tombstone with the following Inscription.

Fort Granby
Fort Granby

Beneath this stone lies inteerr’d the body of Mr. James Clark who departed this life the 6th July 1772. Aged 30 years.” – Taken from the poster at the fort.

Fort Granby
Fort Granby

My Visit

Today, what remains of the fort are the white-benched gazebos that look out onto Barbados and Pinfold Bays on either side of the headland.

The grounds have become a labyrinth of interwoven trees forming a canopy covering most of the fort.

Fort Granby
Fort Granby

A walk through the grounds will take you to the gravestone of a British soldier, James Clarke, who died on July 6, 1772.


urbished with modern conveniences, Fort Granby includes a playground, making it an interesting stop-off point along the Windward coast.

At the end of the canopy you will see a gate through the fence that takes you out to a peninsula that oversees the both bays, with very awesome views.

The well-kept grounds and winding trees make for a fun adventure and a great spot for a picnic or photo-op.

Google map showing trail and location.

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