Aripo Lower Waterfall and River

Aripo River

Aripo Lower Waterfall

Aripo heights is a wondrous place filled with many sites to see and a lot of history, including the lower Aripo waterfall.

Recently I have been to the Blue Basin passed the watercress fields and to the Datta Ganga Temple.

There is also the Aripo Cottage Eco Resort where you can rent a cottage for the night, and enjoy bird watching and the surroundings itself.

Another popular spot is the lower Waterfall on the river, seems to be a hiker�s delight.

The trail is found on the right side of the road, two miles on the Aripo road from the eastern main road.

Unfortunately, parking along the start of the trail is not safe, as you can see the glass remains from vehicle break-in.

It may be safer to park along the road by the chicken farm, it�s an extra ten-minute walk but better safe than sorry.

Aripo Waterfall
Aripo Waterfall

Short Trail

The trail itself is a short steep decline, it may take you possible five minutes to reach the river.

On reaching the river you can make a left and you will come upon the waterfall.

The water is about ten feet high, with a massive pool below, estimated about thirty feet in depth.

The pool is surrounded by limestone and is very beautiful, with clean clear waters, and a strong current.

Non-swimmers are recommended to use a life jacket.

There are also places around the rim of the pool that is shallow you can enjoy.

For the more adventurous people or the jumpers, you can climb up on the left side of the falls and jump off the high rocks or the falls itself.

Aripo River
Aripo River

River Adventure

Apart from this one waterfall, you can venture passed the falls and head up the river.

The river walk is extremely beautiful, with multiple pools and cascading limestones steps.

Fifteen-minute walk up the river you will come to another amazing waterfall, with a cave-like feature in the rocks above.

It is not as big as the first but much more beautiful, with a brilliant pool at its base.

Unfortunately, I couldn�t climb up the rocks to go further.

But, it�s a nice short river adventure with lots of pools to stop and enjoy.

Google map showing trail and location.