Argyle Falls – Roxborough

Argyle Waterfall

One of the more popular attractions of Tobago is that the Argyle falls.

Standing at a height of fifty-four meters it is the highest waterfall on the island.

The falls consist of three levels of cascading cool, crisp water flowing down into multiple pools at different levels.

This amazing creation of nature is an attraction to locals and foreigners alike.

Argyle Falls is located in Roxborough, approximately twenty-five kilometers from Scarborough.

The drive to the destination will take you no more than forty-five minutes straight driving.

Argyle Waterfall
Argyle Waterfall

The waterfall is on private property and as you enter the compound now, you are greeted with a restaurant and bar.

There you can food and refreshments and talk to the assistant about a tour of the waterfall.

Fees apply to have access to the premises, sixty dollars for foreigners and fifty for locals.

Argyle Waterfall
Argyle Waterfall

The walk

It will take fifteen to twenty minutes to walk along the path to the first phase of the waterfall.

The trail is pretty straightforward and clean so no guide is really necessary.

However is you wish to learn about the surroundings and the lush flora and fauna feel free to get a guide.

Along the path, there are labels on the trees indicating the types. (cocoa, silk cotton, poui, etc)

There are also shed if you want to relax a minute and bins for you to discard your unwanted rubbish.

Argyle Waterfall
Argyle Waterfall

Once you meet the staircase you basically at the first level of the falls.

Argyle Falls

The first of the cascading falls has a huge basin, if I remember correctly it was something like twelve to fifteen feet deep.

This beauty however blocks the view of the other incredible levels above.

The more adventurous persons would climb up on the rocky bushy path on the right side to access the other levels.

At the second level, you can lie in several natural shallow pools and just relax.

Further up is the third pool, although it’s the smallest is the deepest and the best for swimming, inviting you to dive, jump or swing into the water from available vines.

Argyle Waterfall
Argyle Waterfall

A nice location to visit if you are visiting Tobago.

Always remember to keep the trails just as you see them when leaving so others can enjoy the true beauty of it.