Fusion Virtual 7 – Through my eyes.

Fusion Virtual 7 Series had to be one of the more exciting fun and torturous events I have done in the recent two years.

If you have been following my adventures over the years, I have been a pretty active person.

From difficult scouts, training on El Tucuche, and doing sixteen-hour hikes across the north coast of Trinidad.

But compared to the two full Fusion I did in 2008 and 2014, this was by far the most fun for me.

If you don’t know what Fusion is check out this link, https://fusionadventurerace.com/about/ too much to explain here.

Fusion Virtual 7

Due to covid-19 and the closure of every and anything, it was refreshing to have something to look forward to with the virtual series.

The organization basically created a way to keep us active and fit at the same time.

Registration was free by the way, the trails were all prepared and maintained by the Fusion Crew.

These trails brought out registered and unregistered persons alike, individuals just looking for a means to keep active.

The series would stem over seven months with trails prepared for you can run individually according to the covid health regulations.

You had a month to do the current trial as many times as you pleased, this allowed you to better your times before it closes and another was announced.

For the registered persons a segmented trail would have been published on a platform by the name of Strava.

There you would see a complete overview of the trail, and you could follow the leader board to see everyone’s progress.


Physical / Mental Progress

As the months went by the trails kept getting harder and more interesting with some crazy elevations and terrain.

The fun part was getting to see different locations, that most people would have never thought about visiting.

The virtual motivation and support from fellow competitors were also amazing.

Over the few months, you could actually see persons progress at their fitness goals.

Unlike the normal full-day Fusion, this one was an event anyone could have taken part in.

You would have also probably made some new virtual friends with similar interests as well.

Unfortunately, the event had to come to an abrupt closure at the start of the seventh trail due to SOE within a week of the trail.

Virtual 7 was then wrapped up on the sixth trail, which included, Alpha, Breezy, Paragant, Chanolo, Covigne, Archion, Camel Back Trails.


Still managed to do Camel Back the first week, along with some other Fusionites before the country was shutdown.

I must say it was enjoyable and I am looking forward to another series like this hopefully covid gives us an ease-up soon.

Placed 58/250 Fusionites who completed all six courses and 50/139 male Fusionites.