Lopinot River- Simply Beautiful

Located at the foothills of the Northern Range approximately 6 miles just north of Arouca, Lopinot is home to a lot of recreation.

Named after Charles Joseph Count de Loppinot the area was known for its cocoa estates in the 1800s.

A restored estate house has been made into a small museum that displays some Amerindian artifacts.

There is a recreational park and a savannah located to the north of the museum. Carat sheds are located along the river, especially for the picnickers who like to wade or even bathe in the cold water.

Picnic benches and tables are also available for those who prefer shady trees and dry ground.

Hidden Spot

Hidden on the way to Lopinot is a nicely tucked away easy to access spot on the Lopinot River.

I have no idea the name of this particular location but it is a gem.

It can be easy to miss as landmarks are not easy to pinpoint, it would be an estimated two-kilometer before the Lopinot Village, and after surrey village.

For those who have done the camelback trail, this spot is right at the base of the exit to the first hump/hill of the trail.

The entrance is on the corner before between the bamboo trees, and it would take less than five minutes to walk down to the river.


Simple and beautiful

There you would find one of the most beautiful pools along the river which runs down from the village.

The water is clear and just inviting but can easily get dirty due to debris on the riverbed.

When the sun is over the pool is so pretty, it lights up the area.

You can be lucky to schools of fish frolicking in the pool as well.

I would estimate the depth at probably ten feet and is ideal for diving or swimming.

The area is nice enough for just sitting and relaxing or taking an afternoon swim.

A great, enjoyable and quiet runaway spot.

Google map showing trail and location.