Bloody Bay – Crimson Battle

Bloody Bay

On the northern coast of Tobago, there are a number of hidden pleasures, one of which is Bloody Bay.

Bloody Bay is the last accessible beach on the leeward coast before Charlotteville.

It is about thirty-two kilometers from Scarborough, which equates to around an hour’s drive.

Bloody Bay
Bloody Bay


The bay is roughly two kilometers beyond Parlatuvier and named after a battle between English soldiers and African slaves in 1771 that was fierce enough to turn the sea crimson with blood.

Dead Bay River, which runs across the sand and into the sea, is named for the same event.

The drive to the northern coast is a curvy but scenic one at that.


With a lot of places to stop and take out some awesome aerial shots of the different bays.

Which include, Castara, Englishman’s Bay and Parlatuvier.

And of course, you must stop at the Mount Dillon lookout, the view at the top is exceptional.


Bloody Bay
Bloody Bay

Bloody Bay

The bay is equipped with security, lifeguards on duty, and a restaurant and bar.

The beach itself is fine brown sand, strewn with pebbles and driftwood, with that nice turquoise blue water.

The lifeguard explains unlike the other bays on the northern side of the island this one was the shallowest and perfect for bathing.


Unfortunately because of the location on the island, it is not a very frequented beach.

Which however makes it perfect for a quiet day at the beach.

Directly opposite the bay and clearly visible 5km out to sea you have the Sister Rock.


At the north end of the beach, there is a river that flows out across the beach.

The water although flowing seems to be still, and gives for a great place to soak if you rather the fresh water to the salt.

Bloody Bay
Bloody Bay

Always remember to keep the trails just as you see them when leaving so others can enjoy the true beauty of it.