Carmelita Waterfall – Pride of Gran Couva

Carmelita Waterfall

One of the few and most popular waterfall found in the central range of Trinidad is that of Carmelita.

Some call it the pride of Gran Couva, and it can be seen on google maps.

Gran Couva by itself is an area filled with history and excitement.

From La Vega estate, to Montserrat Cocoa factory, and the Lady of Montserrat Church at Tortuga with the most amazing view.

The Montserrat Hills on the central range hold the presence of many little streams and rivers.

One such river runs through the Carmelita falls and The Barrel another fantastic location found lower down from Carmelita.

The Trek

The falls is easy to get to, it can be found on google map, but the trail has changed over the years.

Once you are on the right path it’s a short steep downhill trek to the location.

The trail is clear and shaded by tall bamboo trees, until the hill really turns steep.

May take as much as five minutes before you come into view of the falls.

Take caution as you step on the rocks entering the river because they are very slippery.

The falls stand and estimated fifteen feet with a hollow base where there is a decent size pool.

Carmelita Waterfall
Carmelita Waterfall

The Pride

It is said that the waterfall is best enjoyed in rainy season when the pool really comes to life.

On my visit there wasn’t much flow of water and the pool unlike the usual north coast was brown in color.

You can also tell the area is frequented as it has a lot litter, which is an eyesore.

Climbing to the top of the falls, give you a nice view of the pool below.

Unfortunately, I didn’t test the pool, nor could I see the bottom so I can’t estimate its depth.

But I could imagine when raining season is in full swing what this waterfall would look like, minus the trash.

Google map showing trail and location.