El Tucuche – Trinidad’s Second Highest

El Tucuche

El Tucuche:

El Tucuche which stands at 936 m (3,071 ft) is the second-highest peak in Trinidad’s Northern Range and is noted for its interesting pyramidal shape.

It is fabled in Amerindian lore as a sacred mountain.

This mountain is surrounded by a number or of Trinidad’s beautiful hiking destinations including Maracas Waterfall and Morang river and waterfall.

To reach the summit of the mountain you can take different trails, but the most popular is, Hobal Trace Maracas St Joseph.

El Tucuche
El Tucuche

The Trek

This hike via Hobal Trace is widely regarded as one of the toughest leg you can take to get to the summit of El Tucuche rated at eight or strenuous.

From the very start of this hike is uphill on a pitch road.

You will get a flat piece but don’t be fooled it one last for two minutes before you resume the climb.

At this flat plateau, beautiful views of the valley of Maracas St. Joseph are can be seen in all its glory.

It should take you about twenty minutes along the windy pitch road before reaching the garden.

Here the trail begins but the gradient of the hill does get any better.

As you walk further along the trail, we will slowly be engulfed inside the pristine forest all the way upwards.

Another twenty minutes and you should reach the Morang junction.

An hour into the walk, you will eventually come to the well-known “Devil’s Staircase”, which is the steepest part of the trail.

Certain parts of the uphill walk you will have to use the rope to climb.

At the top of the staircase, although more uphill awaits us, the gradient will is less steep.

At one point you will cut across the ridge trail and continue upward, this indicated you are about ten minutes away.

When we are near the top, it gets a bit steep uphill again signaling that you are approaching the summit.

For a fit hiker, this expedition should take between (1 hour 30 minutes) of easy walking.

El Tucuche
Stone at the summit of El Tucuche.

The Conclusion.

At the top, you will see the stones marking the top of the Mountain.

On a clear day, you can walk down the other side and have a view of las Cuevas.

This hike is more of a fitness trek, for the person who wants to test their overall fitness and mental.

Although on the return you can take the Morang trail and enjoy the waterfall and river.

Google map showing trail and location.