Upper Maracas Waterfall – Cold and Shaded

Upper Maracas Waterfall

Maracas Waterfall is one of the more popular destinations in Trinidad, being one of the tallest waterfalls with a very scenic atmosphere.

It a short twenty-five to thirty-minute hike to this natural beauty.

Below this majestic waterfall, you also have Balata Waterfall or pools.

Another heavenly spot to stop off and to get scenic pictures at some shallow pools and plenty of relaxing.

Adding to these beautiful spots you also have another waterfall above the Maracas Waterfall.

Upper Maracas Waterfall
Upper Maracas Waterfall

Hiking above Maracas Waterfall

Access to this waterfall isn�t as easy as the others, but it is worth the journey.

The trail starts at the WASA pump on Waterfall Road in Maracas Valley in St. Joseph.

You will begin with a five-minute decent but don�t get too happy, because as you cross the river, it is all uphill for the next hour.

Let�s say twenty-five minutes of gradual hill until the real fun starts when the hill will then start testing your fitness level.

The next thirty minutes will be a bit challenging where the incline of the hill and the leaves on the ground will have you winded.

Eventually, the hill tappers off and you end up on a ridge, from where you can see the hunters camp by the river.

To which you will have a steep slippery descent, onto the river to reach the camp.

Upper Maracas Waterfall
Upper Maracas Waterfall


To the right, you could now see the possibly twenty feet waterfall in the distance.

On the way up to the river, caution must be taken as the rocks are extremely slippery.

Cold water and shaded by the canopy of trees, possibly twelve plus feet in dept is another of nature�s wonders.

With a small cave dugout to the side and fishes in the basin, it is a great location to visit.

if you like the thrill or the adrenaline rush,  you can go jump off the top of the falls into the basin below.

Upper Maracas Waterfall
Upper Maracas Waterfall

River�s Edge

After leaving the falls if you follow the river, you will reach the end where the water runs off.

From what I was told, this feeds the actual Maracas Waterfall below.

Looking over, it�s a long way down to the next level, some hundred plus feet to the rocks below.

But it is an exceptional view of the mountains around.

Just a word of caution, the area is always cold, and damp so watch where you step carefully.

Always remember to keep nature clear, leave it as you find it, please.

Google map showing trail and location.