Parlatuvier Beach – Sharp Decline


Four kilometers past Englishman’s Bay over the hills you will come to Parlatuvier.

One of the most arresting views on the island of Tobago is that of the Parlatuvier beach.

Plenty of shaded areas a pier in the middle of the bay it is very picturesque with great ambiance.



This bay resides around a twenty-seven kilometers from Scarborough, depending on which route you take.

One would quickly take the coastal Arnos Vale Road from Plymouth, but it is not the fastest way to the northern coastline due to the twist and turns.

The less scenic but faster route is to take the Northside Road up from Scarborough through Moriah.


You will pass on the way Mount Dillon lookout, Castara, and Englishman’s bay, places that you can also stop and check out.

The journey should take you about fifty minutes driving but it is hard to make a straight drive with so many nice lookout points.

There is a great view over the village from the car park adjacent to the Glasgow Bar.


Parlatuvier Beach

The pier in the middle of the bay is a testament to Parlatuvier’s dedication to fishing.

As are the gulls that roost on the rocks at either side of the bay, patiently awaiting the return of the boats.

The beach however usually has a strong wave and the water deepens sharply from the sand.


Due to this swimming or bathing can be a challenge.

Cautions are needed as there are also no lifeguards on duty, and with the fishing paraphernalia, it’s not really a place to sunbathe.

However, it makes for great scenery and a great place to get your fish of the day.


Always remember to keep the trails just as you see them when leaving so others can enjoy the true beauty of it.