My fitness experiment

The Beginning

For the past few years I been on a fitness journey, started in 2014 when I attempted Fusion in Tobago.

I trained intensely for three months and managed to finish the day, with some struggles.

In 2015 I started hiking more often and doing more exploring of Trinidad and Tobago.

This along with my family history of lifestyle diseases fueled my journey and motivated me to be as healthy as I can be.

Along the way I adjusted my meals, limiting my flour, and sugar intake, adding more water and vegetables.

I went from 194 lbs in 2014 to 172 lbs and my fitness improved, but I plateaued at a point for some years.

Constant running, cycling, workouts in my gym, intense hiking, but I would just fluctuate between 172 – 168 lbs.

The Experiment

In 2019 I decided to do a little experiment with my meals, and I was introduced to keto by a colleague.

But note I’m not exactly doing keto due to the intensity of my activities.

I use it as a guide for the foods that I use, but my exercise routines haven’t changed.

The idea is low carbs 5% and under, no sugar, no starch, high protein, saturated fats, plenty sodium and water.

The idea is the keep the body in a fat burning state or ketosis, by reducing the carb intake and introducing more saturated fats.

If you look at the guide it will show you the low carb high protein foods to use with all the values.

This means some vegetables that grow above ground and meats, saturated fats, like butter, cheese, olive oil.

No provision and snacks, but you could have specific alcohol, like Vodka, whiskey, dry wine.

The only fruits acceptable are strawberries and raspberries, the rest is filled with sugar so that’s a no.

If you stick to the meals moderation is still key, but you can still have some of your favorite foods.

The first few weeks will be the hardest, you will be hungry more often, lacking energy or tired.

By week three you will see an improvement in energy, less cravings, go to the bathroom less, meals keep you up longer and no sleepiness after meals.

I’m currently at two meals a day, breakfast at 8am after an intense workout will keep me to 3-4pm.

Meals (Trini Version)


  • Bacon and eggs topped with parmesan cheese.
  • Sausages, with onion, plemento, fried.
  • Steamed Biagan (eggplant), minced beef patties or with sausage.
  • Eggs and sausage fried, topped with parmesan cheese.
  • Strawberry smoothie.
  • Egg and spinach
  • Boiled eggs and sausage

Everything with lettuce, sliced cucumber and tomatoes on the side

Note: no sauces except pepper, or mayonnaise is used.


I prep meal on a weekend for lunch and freeze it, takes two to three hours.

  • Steamed Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots.
  • Steamed or baked chicken Breast.
  • Baked or Geera Pork.
  • Baked or steams fish fillets.
  • Curry Beef.
  • Curry chicken.

Lettuce, sliced cucumber and tomatoes on the side can be added as well.


For dinner I kind of mix the two.

Lots of water during the day, I try to do one cup of black coffee a day.

Coke zero sometime with meals, wine, coffee or water.

These are some of the easier stuff to make but you can experiment like I did.

My Experiences

  • Resumed my current workouts after the first week.
  • Lost 18lbs the first month and a half, moving me from 172 to 154lbs.
  • Cholesterol supposed to be better (need to check).
  • Insulin levels are way better.
  • Stomach is now flat.
  • Fitness and endurance are up.
  • My breathing on activities is fantastic.
  • Sleeping is much better.
  • Heartrate is exceptional.
  • Less stomach issues (less trip to the bathroom).
  • Body feels less stressed.
  • More defined muscle structure.
  • Fewer fat stores.
  • Running has improved.
  • Overall Workouts has improved.
  • Hiking / Exploring is more fun.

So now that I have shredded the fat the goal is to enhance the muscles, so I stared adjusting the meals slowly after the first month and a half, with the addition of carrots and other stuff.

Also just started increasing my protein intake, to help build my muscles.

This may not work for everybody, as everyone body type is different, you have to find the meal plans that work for you.

I’m a perfect example that nutrition plays a big role in you having the body you want.

Note also if you want to build muscle, you have to vary the plans a little.

Check out the link do you research see what works for you.

Eat different exercise less and see results while save money.

Stay tuned as I enter Phase two of my experiment, need to build 5lbs of muscles tissue to get to my ideal weight.

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